Aaron Swartz & the A2K Movement

"And when the system isn’t working, it doesn’t make sense to just yell at the people in it — any more than you’d try to fix a machine by yelling at the gears. True, sometimes you have the wrong gears and need to replace them, but more often you’re just using them in the wrong way. When there’s a problem, you shouldn’t get angry with the gears — you should fix the machine." - Aaron Swartz

A2K = Access 2 Knowledge

Access To Knowledge (ie. ¨A2K¨) was declared a human right by the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948

Aaron Swartz: Knowledge Robin Hood, A2K Martyr

Tribute to Aaron

Aaron's father says Aaron was 'killed by the government'

The very likely real reason Aaron was killed by the government: Aaron was a Wikileaks source, Retaliation for his support for Wikileaker Bradley Manning

Aaron's work

Aaron: Freedom To Connect


Related A2K Work

UN reaffirms: "Internet Access Is A Human Right"

A2K Activist Jacob Applebaum persecuted by U.S. Government similarly to Aaron Swartz

Eben Moglen

Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) Removal

changed February 2, 2014