¨Free public higher education. Forgive all student loan debt. Green, living wage jobs when we graduate. The only national party that supports these policies is the Green Party. As a youth, it's the logical choice.¨ — Leland Pan, a Young Green member from Wisconsin

Do You Want

  • candidates that DO NOT take money from corporations & special interest PACs?
  • peace?
  • to stand with the party that sees free public education through college as a right?
  • corporations & religion OUT of politics?
  • clean energy instead of toxic?
  • fair & balanced wages, unions & workers rights?
  • common sense & good conscience in politics?
  • an end to fake ¨wars¨ on drugs & poverty?
  • to see our infrastructure repaired & our pooled resources used right here in the USA instead of on expanding the U.S. Empire overseas?
  • the open DISCLOSURE of your country's dealings as the norm?

Then Register / Vote / Participate in the Green Party


Then join the D.A. Green Party! We works to engage student in Green issues and give us a voice within De Anza. Membership is open to De Anza Students who identify as Green, support the Green Party's Ten Key Values, and generally agree with the platform of the USGP and the mission of the Youth Caucus.

De Anza Green Party club listing on DA Inter-Club Council site.

¨We work together to stand up for student rights and are affiliated with the Young Greens of America. We are the ¨political party for People, Peace, and the Planet¨ as Dr. Jill Stein M.D. our 2012 US Green Party nominee for President of the U.S said.¨

Club Constitution: GreenParty
Email: dagreenparty (at) RiseUp (dot) net
Social Networking Site: DA Green Party on Meetupedia

What We're About
The Four Pillars of the Green Party can be summarized as

  • Grassroots Democracy (i.e. People)
  • Social Justice (i.e. People and Peace)
  • Nonviolence (i.e. Peace)
  • Ecological Wisdom (i.e. Planet)

A Green Party organizing resource

DA Green Party Leaders:

  • Officers
    • Co-Chair: Drew Johnson - RainBeauFriend (at) RiseUp (dot) Net
    • Co-Chair: Johnathan Lane
    • Treasurer: Fred Yoshida
    • Secretary: Freddy Flores
  • Non-student Support People:
    • Green Party of Santa Clara County Liaison: Sandy Perry
    • Club Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Kaufman
      email: KaufmanCynthia (at) deanza (dot) edu
      ph: 408-864-8739


changed February 2, 2014